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The app is not limited to only a second phone number. After you install the App you will be able to set up your fake phone number profiles. To each profile you can attach an alternative phone number. With only a swipe you are able to change your mobile ID and make the call look as if you have called from that number. Recording calls is just as easy.
Please note that you have to certify the alternative numbers, or buy a new number from the app!


Calls made with our fake caller identity application are always made to our local access phone number. Meaning that your service provider will see them as local calls and bill them as such. The numbers you have dialed won't show on your monthly phone bill, only our local number will. Likewise the persons you are calling won't be able to see your real number, and will be shown only the alternative phone number you chose them to see.
The only way to find out the real caller is through severe police investigation!

Business solutions

The app lets you separate business calls from private calls. You don't need to carry two phones at once to remain reachable without giving your private phone number. One sim card is enough to control your business even when you are not at the office. With our app you can easily divert the return calls to the right department or person. Record each call and save it to our servers so you can listen it from everywhere.
The app encourages "Bring your own device (BYOD)" style providing all of its benefits!