Only one sim

There is no limit to the possibilities.

Store as many fake phone numbers as you need. All you need to do is download the app and register the alternate numbers.

Choose who can see your real number and take control of your call privacy.

Fake caller ID

Don't hide - show them a fake caller ID

With a single swipe you can change your profiles. Each profile stores an alternative number that will show when you call from it.

Keep track of all your mobile numbers and record the calls if you wish.

Cheap calls

Twice cheaper international calls

The fee for using our app is insignificant and always lower than making a regular call. Check the pricing page.

International calls are actually cheaper than with your service provider.


When you make a call with one of your profiles, idFaker app sends a small data package and calls an access phone number located in your country.

Add second third or fourth phone number to your device.

Then our remote server uses the phone number from your profile (fake or not) to make the actual call. The server can record the call for you and provide a link after the call..

The person you are calling will see only the number you chose him to see.