About us

Pindo SA.

idFaker began with the desire to implement our existing voip solution to cell phones. We didn't want to reveal our phone numbers when dialing our clients, or worse - hide our phone number. The idea was to show them our office number.

Our first approach was to try different voip solutions. But none of them worked well enough. And we needed a stable working solution for our business. All the apps ware using up our phone battery quite fast, the connection was unstable and with too many glitches. And the situation gets dread if you are driving while talking.

We said NO to hiding phone numbers.

So, with no working solution on the market we just had to make one ourselves. Of course, it had to be without any of the bad sides of the apps we tried. And so, we formed a team of specialists that started working on the idFaker app.

We removed all the problematic parts and replaced the in country voip connection with normal mobile call to be sure there will be no disconnects. Almost entirely removed the data connection, leaving only one small data package remaining. And after lots of testing we published the idFaker app, knowing that the customers won't be disappointed.

Our patent is public and can be checked HERE